Internal Affairs Division

Who may recommend a commendation?

Just as in the complaint process, a commendation for a job well done can be made by any citizen, prisoner or Sheriff’s Office Member.

How do I initiate a commendation for an employee?

Commendations can be made by telephone, letter, in person or by internet commendation email.

What will happen to my commendation recommendation?

Your recommendation will be forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office Senior Administration who will determine the type of award to be given based on the circumstances. Minor commendations may be handled directly by the supervisor either verbally or considered when completing the employee’s performance evaluation.

Will I be notified of the results of my commendation recommendation?

Yes. On minor commendations you will most likely be advised by the supervisor of the type of action that will be taken. On commendations of a greater nature, you may be notified in writing of the results of the recommendation and ceremonies that may take place, so that you may attend if you so desire.

The quality of relations between citizens and their law enforcement agency depends not only on reporting misconduct, but also on acknowledging a job well done…..

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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