Patrol West Division
This division is comprised of two districts, also called precincts, the Auto Theft Task Force and the Real Time Crime CenterThis division is headed by Captain Mac McKelvy.

District 4

Southwest CountyThe District Four patrol area encompasses approximately 255 square miles located in the southwestern portion of Montgomery County with an estimated population of 59,946. In 2018, Deputies ran over 29,032 calls for service and completed 1,575 field investigations resulting in criminal offense reports being generated. Deputies made 3,300 traffic contacts, 338 arrests and patrolled approximately 538,360 miles.

West Division detectives assigned to the District Four office work seamlessly with our patrol deputies following up on 1,107 cases referring 119 cases for felony prosecution. 

The demographics for this area include extensive commercial and residential development, rural farm and ranch operations along with a number of master planned communities to include the cities of Magnolia (2,029 pop.) and Stagecoach (594 pop.).

We appreciate your interest in our Patrol District and welcome any questions or comments.

District 4 Patrol
19100 Unity Park Drive
Magnolia, TX 77355


District 5
Northwest CountyThe District Five Patrol area is located in the northwestern portion of Montgomery County and encompasses approximately 342 square miles. The population for the unincorporated area of District 5 is 45,055. District Five Patrol deputies ran a total of 33,932 calls for service and generated 1,187 offense reports. District Five deputies also issued 3,030 traffic citations and warnings, made 430 arrests while patrolling approximately 414,648 miles in 2019.

The demographics of the district are diverse and unique. There are numerous Lake Conroe waterfront communities along with the lake, extensive commercial developments, rural farm and ranch operations in the outer lying areas and even a large portion of the Sam Houston National Forest are included in the bounds of District Five.

The challenges of providing law enforcement services to this vast area of diversification are met by the District Five personnel led by District Lieutenant Brian Bagwell which includes one district secretary, four sergeants and twenty deputies. Two of these deputies are assigned under contract to the Walden on Lake Conroe Subdivision.

There are three West Division detectives assigned to the District Five area who operate from the same facility. The combination of detectives and patrol has proven to be successful in the prosecution of many criminal cases.

In our endeavors to provide the highest level of service possible to our community we encourage citizen involvement and welcome any questions or comments that may be of concern.

District 5 Patrol
11901 Walden Road
Montgomery, Texas 77356